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Learn How To Create Online Your Independent Pandemic Immune Career With Sustainable Income Even If You Believe/Think You Are Not Technology Savvy.

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Afri Money is the first African virtual educational platform that teaches what actually matters for all!

Becoming Financially Free So You Can Truly Live The Life of Your Dreams.

No more boring hours of sitting in classes learning abstract concepts which you may never apply in real life.

You do not have to sink in debts to get a degree which you will never be able to use. (55% unemployment rate nation wide!)

Take control of your destiny, seize the opportunity by learning how to build your own pandemic immune online business with our step by step lessons with the support of a wide international and national network of successful entrepreneurs.


It Started With a Dream..

I grew up with a desire of becoming financial independent so I can afford a decent living in order to be able to make financial decisions without feeling stressed.

For years, I have searched for a unique, easy to apply and crisis immune way to generate not just an average income but an income which will allow me to live the life of my dreams.

I grew up in one bedroom house with nine siblings with our mother who taught us the values of hard work and service of the community.

My siblings and I went through public school with our single mother working two to three jobs just to put food on the table. When I eventually graduated from high school, I attempted to go to university but had to drop out because the fees were too high and I could not qualify for student loans.

So I set out to work in retail as sales assistants earning peanuts living from hand to mouth with the dream that one day, I will live the live I deserve.

I was so broke that I bought everything on credit, clothes, TV, DSTV, bed, even groceries...

Taking Action Brought The Dream To Life..

By working relentlessly day and night, 18-20 hours a day, I got promoted to the position of Area Manager, soon after to a Regional Manager.

Despite my senior management position, my salary was still not enough from taking care of my mom to my six nephews and young siblings. I felt as if I was cursed and that I would never fulfill my dream to become financially independent.

In 2017, I got fired from my job, my car and my house were repossessed leaving me with more than half a million in debts.

I tried venturing into network marketing as I couldn't get any job but since I was left with no friends, there was almost no one to sell to

The Turning moment....

One Wednesday morning, while making a timid attempt to look for a job on google, I came across a website talking about internet marketing and how I could use the internet to make a fortune.

To be honest, I was skeptical. I just have never imagined that I could make earn a decent living without stepping out of my house.

So I took action. I took all the money I had left in my bank account (few hundred rands) and decided to give it a try, after all, I had nothing to lose any more.

In my first 60 days, I started putting into practice all the things I was learning in Affiliate Marketing. Surprise, surprise, I made enough money to pay a quarter of my debts which was about R125000.

In less than a year, I was able to pay all my debts and started living the life I truly longed for.

4 years later, I have built many successful businesses on the internet with various online models, travelled to more than 30 countries around the world for holidays and spoken to on more 100 stages.

On a flight, one day, I asked myself this question.

How many young Africans are currently in the same situation I was but have no clue how to get out of it?

So I decided to create Afri Money University. The one and only virtual educational platform which breakdown step by step the fastest and most hustle free ways to create a career online.



Why Afri Money University...

Not only are we subjugated to the imperfections of the standard education system which does not guarantee us success in any shape or form but we are also trapped into the rat race in which we do not live but only survive.

Covid 19 has proved to us all that the old system of going to school, graduating and sending CV(s) around waiting to be called for an interview, has fallen.

The companies themselves have run out of business.55% of youth unemployment rate in South Africa.

It is easy more than ever to create a self-sustainable and pandemic proof career online with just your smart phone or your laptop anywhere around the world.

"You too can alter your altitude of life if you can alter your attitude of mind."

Afri-money University is about :

Earn while you learn model. You do not need to graduate before starting to earn

Welcoming youth from all walks of life to receive the knowledge and support needed to become the pioneers of tomorrow.

Empowering the young African to be able to build, manage and scale digital self-sustainable businesses.

Making the young African aware, acknowledge his true potential and gain a thorough understanding of the various economic dynamics on the current web space.

Enabling the young African to master the most trending practical digital skills set necessary to self-start and possess a practical, well-defined internet marketing strategy tailored to the African market.



Learn Much More From Afri-Money University

Mindset Renewal

Calibrate your mindset on your purpose, your vision and your goals. We teach you How to gain clarity, create focus and stay highly determined.

Marketing Secrets

Learn the key principles of Marketing. Master the art of being able to present attractively any product to your target market.

Entrepreneur spirit

We are always surrounded by opportunities. Master the ability to identify the opportunity and take action on it.

Money Management

We teach you what you have never been taught in your life. Understanding how to attract money and date money continuously.

Business Leadership

Discover your leadership spirit enables you to sustain yourself with discipline while influencing others to do and be great.

Networking Mastery

Your network is your net-worth. It's not about what you know, it's about who you know. Learn how to find your tribe and grow.

Global Federations Support Us


Our programs are fully accredited by worldwide official institutions.


Our global platform's programs curated by certified coaches


You can become one of our members too by joining the GTF.

Our service is our pride.

We understand that you might needs us whether at the inception of your journey, in the growth phase or even after you have graduated. Our passion to serve you permanently burns. We are ready to answer all of your questions and to teach you the step by step plan you need to succeed at what You OUGHT to do.

Remember You Too Can Be Great


Here're The Bonuses That You Get When You  Join The University Today!

Bonus #1: A 90 Minutes Course on Relationships.

This course titled " What Men and Women of the 21st century should have known about each other " is purposed to let you in on the mechanism of Men and women. How Men process and react to normal and romantic situations versus the woman.

(R2000 Value)

Bonus #2: 90 Min Psychology & Habits of Great Leaders 

This course reveals the most successful habits of and attitude of mind of the most influential leaders. It combines the key fundamentals of Leadership as a sense of realization and an element of people, organizations management.

(R2000 Value)

Bonus #3: Audio Book + E-book of Psychology and Habits of Great Leaders.

Whether you are a reading fan or an audio book listener, there is prime space reserved for you for the spoils. The never dying leadership principles explained thoroughly to serve you and your organization.

(R1,000 Value)

Bonus #4: How To Be A Great Orator

When you open your mouth, people will tell what you are about and who you are. Better it be memorable. The step by step e-book teaches how to communicate your message like a professional so your impact can be  felt the way you want.

(R1000 Value)

Bonus #4: A compilation of Interviews of those who made it.

We know how important it is to have mentors you look up to. To walk in steps of those who have been there and done that. That is why we offer to you a collection of interviews where the successful ones reveal how they made it.

(R7000 Value)

The Total Value Of The Bonuses Amounts To More Than R13000 In Absolute Value!

So...What's The Catch?

We know there are some websites or businesses that offer you something "too good to be true" for free, but then asks you to buy some additional product in order to fully utilize your freebie. Well, this isn't one of those websites, and we are not going to stick you any program. We are offering this because we genuinely want you to succeed with Afri Money University, and take it's advantage to change your life. 

  • Having a balanced and fulfilled relationship is crucial to growth

  • Leading yourself towards greatness is the best thing you could ever do.

  • Communicating like a pro can open many doors for you in life and in business l

  • Hear if from those who made it to believe it and take massive actions.

The Free Bonuses Worth R13000 Expire When The Timer Hits Zero









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What People Say

Elena Mazibuko

I have mastered the art of setting goals and I am more determined to achieve my dreams ever since I joined Afri money Uni.

Johan De Walle

Even though I was the best in my class, making a career and a living online was so difficult for me until I joined Afri money University.

Jabu Thembe

I am now very confident and disciplined with myself and that has led me to creating a 7 figures business. Thanks to amou.

Sibussiso kali

Managing money was a big challenge for me until I joined Amou With such skill and my businesses online, I now have a good saving plan and my investments are tops.

Oria Le maitre

Through Amou, I learnt Affiliate marketing step by step and now I have a passive income online. I earn money while I sleep. I want to learn more from Amou.

Pamela Govend

My parents didn't believe me when  I said I am working from home and I am still able to afford good holidays and my dream life style.Thanks to amou.

Your Decision is Guaranteed With Us


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can join. We are here to assist you from the step by step guide until you are able to run on your own. Just that it will take you a little bit longer. Remember the key is to grow everyday.

Depending on how many hours you are willing to put in. You can even start making money today as long as you go through the step by step program and make it work.

Here we are not about grades, we are about knowledge possession and skills mastery. If you can demonstrate to us through a schedule video call that you have indeed mastered your skill, you move forward all the time!

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The Founder

Zainab Moola

Zain is a Pan African strategist and entrepreneur. She comes from a business development industry.

She is a strategy coach specializing in affiliate marketing on the Afrimoney University platform. She helps young adults in SA to create successful and highly profitable businesses online. Her vision is to influence and empower as many unemployed youth as possible to be entrepreneurs and live the lives of their dreams through smart and visionary work in order to reach their full potential. To her family and peers, she is considered a risk taker, a fierce woman, always striving for success. She believes limitation is self imposed, everybody with a positive mindset can achieve success.

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